May 23, 2016  “It was a pleasure doing business with Jon.  I had ~40 redlines from the late 60’s/ early 70’s that I was interested in selling.  I contacted multiple buyers and Jon was the best…easy to deal with and offered the highest price.  The transaction was smooth and I’m now pushing my friends to dig out their old Hot Wheels and contact Jon!”  Ralph.

August 12, 2016 “Received payment , thanks for your business, hope do more in the future.” Tony H.

September 13, 2016  “I had some old Hot Wheels and wanted to sell them.  I contacted Jon Bertolino and sent him pictures.  It was a pleasure working with Jon on the sale of my Hot Wheels.  He was easy to work with and easy with the complete sale.  I sent the Hot Wheels to him by UPS to be delivered by COD.  UPS was not the easiest way so I would recommend sending by US Post Office by COD.  I was very happy with the sale to Jon and would highly recommend him to anyone.”
John H

October 7, 2016. “We did get the check and you were definitely a pleasure to work with! You were knowledgeable about the cars and we were happy to sell my husband’s childhood memories to someone who cared about them as much as he did. Thank you for being so helpful.” Keltsey B.

December 13, 2016 “Many thanks to Jon for all of his help on selling my childhood collection of Hot Wheels. He was quick to respond and made a great offer. His instruction and helm made the whole process quick and simple. If you are thinking selling your collection, I highly recommend Jon. Many thanks Jon!”   Freddy B.

January 2017  Selling my Hot Wheels collection to Jon was quick and pleasurable experience. I was somewhat dubious sending my collection across the border from Canada to the US, but Jon paid me immediately upon receiving my collection. Jon is honest and reputable collector. – Greg G. Toronto Canada

February 2017.  Toizrit was easy to work with. My brother and I were pleased with the price and ease of communication.  I would recommend Toizrit.Inc.

April 2017. We were very satisfied with our dealings with Jon.  He gave us a reasonable price and made the process easy.  Rexanna.  MT.

May 5th, 2017     I contacted three Hot Wheel websites and Jon was the first to respond. I sent pictures of my cars and accessories with a ridiculous price. He came back to me with an offer and explained his reasoning. Having already researched my cars, etc., I knew Jon’s offer was solid. Having owned my cars for close to 50 years, Jon understood the emotional attachment and handled the transaction calm and professional.  I would highly recommend Jon to anyone looking to sell their Hot Wheels. Mark – Florida

January 2018.  Thanks so much for the deal! The money will be well spent on either a new guitar or on my project 50′ Chevy. Kent from MI.

August 1st 2018.  I bought quite a few Hot Wheels as a kid and had a small collection I enjoyed over the years. Decided time to let them go to someone else who would enjoy them. Contacted Toizrit and very pleased I did. Easy and quick process. Took them to UPS, two-day shipping, and received PayPal payment the same day they delivered. Highly recommend.  Jim B. Texas

February 1-19 That’s great Jon. I think a standard US Postal Money Order would be great. My wife and I are heading to Myrtle Beach next month and I’ll be able to use the US cash. Thanks again for making a Canadian to US purchase easy Mike

March 16, 19. Thanks for the “collection news” Jon. I thought they were in pretty good shape too. Working with you was really fun. You gave me info that was clear and helped me understand the value of my collection. I will tell others. Be well. Regards, Mark L.

July 29 2019. Thanks for making this so easy. I live in a small town on the coast and these were my brothers who passed away. Marianne.

May 11, 2020  Got the payment! Thanks it was a pleasure doing business with you Jon if I find anyone that wants to sell their old hot wheels I will definitely recommend them to you

June 23, 2020.  I got a great price, easy process, followed the tracking number to delivery and Jon followed up he received the cars. I got paid instantly with Paypal. Very pleased. Angelo S. Allentown, NJ.

July 9, 2020. Jon was everything he said he was…great quote and painless transaction.. If I ever have more to sell he will definitely be the man i go to.. Jay.

July 10, 2020.  I wanted to get a fair price and know that the cars were going to someone who could appreciate them. Not having to ship them was a bonus being local in the Chicagoland area.  Simple easy transaction. Mike K. Naperville, IL

February 4, 2021.  ‘I had never completed an on-line deal with a company I had not done business with before and had obvious concerns, but thanks to Jon for explaining in a professional way how his company does business with others and for giving me faith in how this should work. Hard to trust anyone these days, but I received quick payment for the goods they bought within a day of them receiving it and will have no problem dealing with Jon and his company in the future.’   Bruce W.

February 12, 2021.  Dealing with Jon was a very pleasant experience.  He promptly answered all my questions and gave me a fair offer for my Hot Wheels collection.  An immediate payment was made once Jon received the cars.  Could not have asked for a better transaction.      Brian W.    Charlotte, North Carolina

February 24, 2021  I got a very quick response to my pics and a price we could agree on. The transaction went smooth and money was transferred upon receipt with paypal. Steve from Ohio

March 4, 2021.  I just sold my Redline Hot Wheel collection that I have had for 50 years to Jon Bertolino of Toizrit, Inc.  I am extremely pleased with the Jon’s professionalism, honesty, and reliability.   The whole process and his attention to detail was spot on!.  I highly recommend Jon and his Company. Greg, CT.

March 15, 2021  “Jon sent me a rapid reasonable offer on my hot wheels collection. He was very good at following up with me every step of the way
I appreciated his attention to detail honesty. Would highly recommend” Randy S.

July 7, 2021.  Thanks for making this so easy.   Rich.

July 15, 2021.  Thanks, I appreciate it–nice doing business with you.
Kim ( Colorado)

August 15, 2021  I decided to sell my Hot Wheels. Based on my review of buyers and history I contacted Jon. He explained the process, answered all my questions and we agreed on a price. Jon paid promptly. I recommend Jon to anyone who wants to sell Hot Wheels. He makes it easy. Mike. Florida.

August 19, 2021.  “Jon was great to work with. Straightforward and clear, prompt with everything. He made it easy to not agonize over any decisions which was important to me. Thanks! Randy. (Michigan)”

November 16, 2021.  I enjoyed working with Jon to sell my entire childhood collection of Hot Wheel redline cars. We had an open and honest discussion about my cars, and came to an agreement on a fair price that benefited both of us.  The entire transaction from my initial email to him until he received the cars and paid was very quick, less than a week. Jon is easy to talk to, and I highly recommend him.  Roger B.

December 3, 2021. I would like to thank Jon for assisting me with the sale of old Hot Wheels from my late Husband and Father-in-law. Jon your patience with me is so very appreciated. Thank you for purchasing these and your kindness throughout.  Sincerely, Teresa W.

June 18, 2022.  I sold my father’s hot wheel collection to Jon Bertolino. I found Jon to be very knowledgeable, and fair in the value that he gave of my fathers collection. I was very nervous about sending a valuable collection across the country without getting payment prior to shipping. But Jon followed through on everything he said and we were paid exactly as Jon said he would. If you have a hot wheels collection that you want to sell, I give Jon Bertolino my highest recommendation!   Don M.

July 8, 2022.  Thanks so much Jon!  I got the $1320 check in the mail today. Estate sales are always coming up with redlines so I will make sure to text you photographs when I come across them. Have a great day, June

August 2, 2022.  Thanks! Received. Yes, I’m happy! Pleasure doing business with you. Hope that you enjoy the cars (and can make some $).  Alan G.

August 5, 2022.  Being a person who started collecting Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars since I was 7, naturally I was hesitant about parting with them (I’ve been burned a couple of times over the internet). Fortunately, Jon is honest and forthright in his dealings and put to rest any misgivings i have when dealing with selling/buying used merchandise over the internet. You can rest assured Jon will give you a fair price for your items and pay expediently! Richard L.

November 10, 2022. “I was a bit worried about shipping my Hot Wheels collection to someone I didn’t know halfway across the country, but Jon’s reviews were outstanding. It also eased my concerns that Jon was nothing but professional and prompt during our interactions. I think I received a fair price for my cars and related items, and I got my money quickly. It was a painless process.”   Jeff C.

December 6, 2022.  Check Received. Thank you very much.  Geoff.

January 12, 2023.  I was very impressed by your prompt response to my inquiry and honest and professional cost appraisal of my 50 year old collection of hot wheel cars. And your follow up and directions for shipment and immediate payment upon receipt of the shipment were equally assuring.  It has been a pleasure working with you.  Mike M.

April 5, 2023  Hi Jon,  Great to hear that everything arrived safely. I hope it all met your expectations. My PayPal account is at xxxx . I just want to say thanks again for making this so easy for me and I look forward to doing business in the future….Dave B.

June 8, 2023. Hello Jon,  I want to thank you for your purchase of my Hot Wheels Red Lines. Everything went very smoothly and the entire transaction was above board. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Thanks & Best Regards
David K.